The data included in the energy and water billing provide important information for the management of energy efficiency.


gemweb is an online programme (you don’t need to install it).

Billing error detection.

Contracting optimisation.

Expenditure forecast.

Historical data display.

Setting of consumption targets and analysis of deviations.

Detection of reactive energy penalties.

gemweb processes information in €, kWh and CO2, with full traceability and independently of:
Energy sources.
Marketers and suppliers.

We have updated databases on:
Retail prices.
BOE regulated prices.
Market prices (omie).
Future prices (omip).
Temperatures and humidity.

gemweb is more useful when there are more:
Supply points.
Different marketers.
Types of contracting.
Geographic and climatic dispersion.
Different types of consumption.


Import, check and automatic validation of invoices.

Analysis, calculation and management of billing and contracts.

Comparisons of rates and offers.

Optimisation of contracted power.


Calculation of CO2 emissions.

Automatic reports.

Listings and data export.

Contracting and aggregate purchase support.

Calculation of retail price indexed rates and high/low voltage in the free market.


Gemwebweb includes the processing of physical and energetic inventory data as a base for accounting management.

Physical inventory is the information regarding the user’s data, the location and constructive characteristics and facilities at each point to be managed (address, m2, inhabitants, etc.).

The energy inventory includes energy data of each managed point (rate, power, company, characteristics, etc.).

Benefits for users

Faster information search and analysis.

Anomaly detection, such as non-existent meters, that haven’t been correctly shut down, etc.

geolocated visualisation, gis.

Indicator calculation.

Concentrated in only one energy, construction and facilities information application.


Hierarchical organisation of information: entity, consumption centres, supplies and invoices/remote reading.

Quick search filters.

Detailed data sheets (building, lighting, etc.).

Data traceability.

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